A Certain Level of Luckiness 2015

Ric Seaberg

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Heartfelt, full of love, sometimes funny songs from rocker and vet songwriter Ric Seaberg!

Born in Chicago. Where the weak are killed and eaten. Wound up in Portland, Oregon when my folks grew weary of summers and winters in The Windy City. Raised in Portland. Willamette University. 5 years as lead singer of The Morning Reign. Married at 19. Two children by age 23. Opened a bakery at age 27, Richard's Bakery in Tualatin,Oregon. Opened second bakery at 37, Favourites Bakery in Portland. Bought the building my bakery was in in 1995. Retired, remarried (and became a step-dad!), cranked out 10 full length CDs from 2000-2015. "We Talk About Cars", originally recorded in 2001, found it's way onto a CD produced by NPR's "CarTalk", and has been featured on radio all over the world. An updated version of "We Talk About Cars" finds new life on "A Certain Level of Luckiness". Worked as a handyman for about 10 years. Have been writing songs and recording in some way for most of my life. Thanks for purchasing my tunes!

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